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New Music Monday #37

Slug by Matt Champion 

A catchy feel-good melody with a fun play on words. Trickling strings and exciting drums start the song off in a dreamy state. Champions vocals reach a higher pitch creating a sound so unique and enthralling. Lyrically, the song depicts the yearning for someone’s love in an amusingly special way. Keys are incorporated along with synths making a magical listening experience and an infectious feel, “It’s dangerous to look in your eyes / I can’t explain it (explain what) / How I got so mangled in your light.”

Fell in Like by Kabwasa

Music that not only makes you feel but makes you groove! Kabwasa specializes in blending different genres into one to produce sounds that you can’t help but move to. “Fell in Like” has a quick tempo and instrumentals that make the track so special and exciting. Sparkly synths, a deep bass, and drums keep the rhythm steady and buoyant. The lyrics touch on the confusion of understanding what the other person might be feeling and downplaying your own feelings, “I ain’t fell in love I just fell in like”.

Blood on the Reef by Torture and the Desert Spiders

Deep and haunting vocals enter alongside an eerie guitar riff and echoing drums. A chilling melody fills any room you’re in with an overpowering feeling of longing. With each delivery of lyrics, the tempo builds up, producing an atmospheric angst. The closing of the track has a deep bass as the vocals turn into a soft whisper leaving you wanting more, “Give it an answer, I’ll give you an answer…”

R U A Literal Child ? by Astrel K

Taken on a musical journey, Astrel K has produced a track that defies any genre boundaries and summons a feeling of warmth and wonderment. With influences of electronic and indie-pop, the song begins with gentle vocals accompanied by beautiful horns, a consistent bass, and dizzying distortions. Hitting three minutes, the track takes a turn as the tempo picks up, synths intensify, and the bass deepens, allowing this electro-pop infusion to start. It’s evocative, powerful and includes captivating songwriting. 

Run Your Mouth by The Marías

Sleek and cool, The Marías have released another addictive track. With a unique techno flair to it, the production of the track entices the listener onto the dance floor. Its tempo is upbeat and flirty with gentle vocals delivering sassy lyrics. A synth-pop song with instrumentals that carry you into a groovier dimension, “ You'd just call me out / Call me when I'm distant / Always run your mouth.”

Light On by Dehd

A beautifully raw track that sonically evokes the feeling of returning back to someone or someplace. It’s mellow yet striking and lyrically promotes optimism. With punchy drums, a lovely percussion, and familiar guitar strums, this track has a beautiful composition of instrumental breaks and gorgeous continuing melodies, “Every day, every night I will leave a light on / What you want, what you need, I won't be a problem” 

Fire Excape by Zsela

In a slower, more alluring track, Zsela expresses the crazy ride of falling in love. Her distinctive vocals stand out as a gritty guitar plays beside a heavy bass. The chorus sonically creates this boundless feeling of what love can embody. As the track picks up with raw storytelling, glistening synths rise behind Zsela’s voice. Lyrically, “Fire Excape” is intimate with a unique production, “Day breaks on the fire escape and I’m falling in love / I’m falling down.”

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