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New Music Monday #38

Heavy by SPRINTS

Luring guitar riffs begin as drums thunder in beside haunting vocals. A song to head bang along to that lets your rage out. Fervent lyricism calls for screaming along as a sick electric guitar solo takes over. “Heavy” embodies an angsty rock and roll vibe with a rise in anticipation every time the chorus progresses. SPRINTS has sonically personified the overpowering feeling of apprehension, “And I can barely breathe / And I’m watching the world go around the window beside me.”


Genre-bending and exciting, F3miii shows his dexterity in the creative realm of music. Mix a funky groove, synth-pop elements, and a little R&B and you’ve got “LOSTWITHOUTMARIA”. The artistry put into this track shines bright as the infectious melody can’t keep you from dancing! A little 80’s dance and flirty lyricism tie the song together, “Mrs Maria, been waiting lifetimes just to meet ya.”

Bloom by Galdive

Listening to this track is like floating through a space of tranquility that feels intimate yet alluring. Especially with two headphones in, you become immersed in a blend of instrumentals combining genres, creating a unique sound. A groovy beat persists throughout, with sultry vocals delivering lines of lust and temptation. The song's end transitions into a jazzy, bossanova vibe with synths trickling away, “In midnight blue, I bloom for you / In midnight blue, I’m falling for you.”

Delusional by Georgia Webster

A feeling that is all too familiar to someone like me… thinking you made everything up, driving yourself crazy. Georgia Webster beautifully depicts this feeling of confusion and uncertainty in “Delusional”, with a smooth pop melody and honest songwriting. Backing harmonies uplift this emotional denial as dazzling synths, a steady beat, and keys intensify, “When you said we were somethin' special, you meant it, right? / Wеre we crazy 'bout each othеr or was I just delusional?”

Suckerpunch by Dreamer Boy

Clever songwriting illustrates the crazy things love makes us feel with a fun, carefree melody. You can’t help but tap along to the song as the drums are heavy, the guitar strums are soft and sweet, and the vocals are surrendering. The contrast between the feel of the song and the meaning behind it truly makes it special and one you want to have on repeat, “Love for me is like a sucker punch / And I’m blacked out on the mat, but I’ll go another round for you.”

Safe House by Nectar Woods

Soulful vocals carry you through the song with a jazzy instrumental influence. The melody is uplifting and smooth, something to groove along to. At the start of the song, the vocals blend beautifully with gentle guitar strums and as the rhythm progresses, fun drums and keys enter. A sweet listening experience that creates a feeling of peace within, “Someday, we'll be together, floating through the stars / And you'll see in no time, you are mine.”

Cut by Lecx Stacy

A short track that is sure to take you on an emotional ride with its songwriting and drift you into a trance with its musicality. Drums are light alongside dreamy whispered vocals that further the mystique of the song. Pretty keys and a gentle guitar play in the back as the repeating lyrics finish the song off, “I wish you caught my attention, it's just not my idea / We both had our intentions, it's just probably not clear.”

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