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The Perfect Star

Illuminated by artificial light

All eyes are on me

Watching, waiting

Noticing the slightest quiver in my lip

The shake in my hands

A puppet to the melody

I’m lost

Deep within myself

Tearing my heart from my chest

Watching with a smile on their face

Their eyes consume me, raw and bloody

Finding the beauty within my pain

Glitter cakes my face

Hiding who I am

Underneath the blinding mask

Allowing me the freedom

If only for a minute

Trapped within me

Ugly and wretched

It pours from my veins

Drowning out the silence

My lips ache from the pitiful smile

Plastered upon my face

Shining in the spotlight

They clap only when I have gone

When the red curtain falls

And the seats fill with emptiness

Walking away from my heart

Bruised and bleeding

Lying before their feet

Written by Grace Bugin

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