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d4vd at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

On July 8, d4vd performed at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York for his Petals to Thorns tour. The opener to his show was Scott James who set the tone for the night and built up ample excitement for d4vd who came out shortly after. As the lights began to flash and the band started to play, d4vd came rushing out to his opening song, Dirty Secrets.

The crowd screamed seeing the artist they’d been waiting all night for, and he definitely brought the New York City energy that we've seen so many times before. He gave an incredible start to his show and on the song You and I, he jumped off stage and ran to the barricade directly interacting with the crowd. The crowd loved it going bar for bar with the artist as he sang away. He continued on eventually announcing to the crowd that he planned to bring out a special guest.

He had teased this information prior on his Instagram that morning, so the audience sat in curiosity wondering who he would bring out. He then told the crowd that he was going to bring out his baby sister who sang one of his most popular songs, Here With Me, which astounded the crowd for how adorable it was. He stated to the crowd that he was from Queens, and so our gift was him performing some of his unreleased music to the crowd!

He continued performing more of his extensive catalog and took a moment to acknowledge that he was about to perform a song that was very heartfelt to him. Shortly after, he brought the energy back. In the middle of one of his songs, he did a backflip which no doubt wowed the crowd. He made sure to directly interact with the crowd throughout the show showing just how much he loved New York City. To close out the show he played Romantic Homicide and thanked the audience for coming.

The show wasn’t truly over because afterward, he sat on top of a car outside the venue and interacted with fans by signing posters, merch, and all sorts of memorabilia. If you haven’t seen d4vd live, then add him to your list, he puts on amazing shows that you will never forget!

Written by Shrithik Karthik

Photography by Shrithik Karthik

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