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New Music Monday #17

Backwards Walker by La Prave

The song being just about 5 minutes, it’s nothing short of an out-worldly, transcendent experience. Fascinating lyrics keep you engaged with an absorbing bass and guitar to tie together with the smooth vocals. The digital experimentation of instruments blends effortlessly with synths throughout, leaving you with a tranquilizing feel, “And from the bottom, endless autumn / Leaving space for what was left of my perpetual problem”.

Dead 2 Me (So Naïve) by Cafuné

Calming instrumentals and a peaceful melody contradict the bitter lyrics superbly. The storytelling through the lyrics is captivating and relatable. Retelling the time a love was once good, but the reflection on the past shows the truth of being naïve. Singer-songwriter Sedona Schat and producer Noah Yoo make up Cafuné, and their work together is constantly ravishing. Schat’s glistening vocals float beautifully alongside the instrumentals, “You invented me / Had me orbiting / Now you’re dead to me / I was so naïve”.

Doom by hyderdaze

Sleek electro-pop duo hyderdaze has created a track that is mysterious and distinctive. “Doom” is a quick listen that’s bouncy and disruptive pulling you in with its tantalizing lyrics. A dizzying contortion in production and layered effects keep the song lively making it the ideal song you’d hear out at the bar. Bass-heavy and sharp drums mixed with husky vocals further amplify the song's excellence.

Name of God by Mustafa

Soft raspy vocals paired with a consistent guitar strum might be one of my favorite combinations in a song. Mustafa has written a raw, heart-wrenching track, added a gorgeous melody, and sang like no tomorrow. Something is so special about a track that consists of mostly an acoustic guitar and enchanting vocals, yet still feels like it's puncturing my heart. The songwriting dealing with existentialism leaves the track feeling very delicate, “And every letter of fire, you read me when I’m tired / It’s replaying as a choir”.

Invisible Hand by ††† (Crosses)

A unique track embracing the different specialties within various genres. Instrumentals remain numerous as the band incorporates an alternative/rock vibe with electronic elements, embracing the genre-defying title. A complex production further escalates the stirring lyrics and invites intrigue for the rest of the song. The track evokes a mystical feeling within, but captivates the listener to continue listening, “The rules are few and empty / Drip out of your heart / Reach out of your cell”.

10, 9, 8, 7 (feat. D Smoke) by Quincey White

Vulnerable and honest, this track is artistically told with lyrics that are evocative and clever. Quincey takes us through his experiences growing up alongside a hypnotic melody that carries the catchy chorus. D Smoke adds a feverish delivery with an undeniable flow that adds something special to the song. Overall the beat summons a head nod while appreciating the lyricism throughout.

Into The Walls by Griff

A beautiful track about the complexities of emotions felt during early adulthood and Griff perfectly encapsulates it through her songwriting. A fluid pop song that feels dreamy because her vocals deliver every line with ease yet power. The song contains layers of beats and instrumentals that combine smoothly with her harmonies during the chorus, “Oh, today, I don't feel like talkin' / Oh, soak me into the walls / And I'll just watch the world go”.

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