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New Music Monday #36

Mind & Body by Tolü Makay

Immersed in a celestial sound that travels through the body, “Mind & Body” is a track that defies all musical boundaries. The musical production is intricate with synths and beats that accentuate the song's brilliance. Her vocals mystify you with the message behind her introspective lyricism about finding a way to be present in the now, “Heavy is the head wearing a crown to sleep, not very stable how you been able to get out.”

Mad Sometimes by Nan MacMillan

In the midst of being in your 20s confusion and trepidation flood your emotions. “Mad Sometimes” captures this strange angsty feeling with raw songwriting. Sonically you can feel the anger MacMillan is singing about through the indie-folk production. Something about the punchy drums and gritty electric guitars entrances the listener and makes them feel as if they were there for the story being told, “The fear of losing you did not outweigh the truth which bit me in my back.”

If We Go Down by Stolen Gin 

The groovy local NYC band has blown us away once again. There’s a mix of jazz, funk, and gritty pop, infused in each track, especially “If We Go Down”. Instrumentals range from strings to horns which when combined together create an infectious sound a listener can't help but dance to. A smooth voice enters the track with funky guitar riffs and steady drums. The chorus is upbeat as harmonies beautifully blend into an instrumental break.

Superstar by Sarah Michelle Lee

A cover containing hypnotizing vocals, bewitching melodies, and an overpowering feel of nostalgia. Beginning with a graceful acoustic guitar strum, Lee’s vocals of longing create a mystical atmosphere. There is soul and power behind every delivery, as her rendition opens up a new perspective to be interpreted. In comparison, Lee adds a contemplative emotion with the added instrumentals. Her alt-folk twang adds a unique flair to an already beautiful song, “Loneliness is such a sad affair / And I can hardly wait to be with you again.”

Spin The Block by Rhyan Douglas

A fusion of varying musical elements that encompass the feeling of regret yet eliciting calm. This slow love song expresses the singer trying to win a lover back, with deep soulful vocals and a continuous acoustic guitar strum. Gorgeous harmonies and eloquent keys further create this peaceful feeling as the lyricism shines in honesty. The outro is a suave instrumental with a voicemail asking for a second chance, “I’m trying not to give up on you / Forgot we crossed our lines / Maybe I’m selfish.”

Feel It Love by Kids That Fly

An upbeat and catchy track that’s sure to make you hit replay. Sharp drums and an electric guitar riff begin the track on a high note as the raspy vocals enter. The alt-pop track has a compelling melody with a wistful feeling as the chorus gets stuck in your head. The strong bass combined with the guitar solos within make the rock aspect of the song truly shine.

Go Ghost by Kissimjau

In a riveting electronic disco track, “Go Ghost” has an enticing storyline with a thrilling beat drop. Her seductive vocals carry in lyricism describing the desire to cut someone out of their life. While this is happening a rapid beat dances throughout the track alongside dizzying synths and electronic digital additions that create this stirring track, “I’ve been finding ways to get you off my mind / Saying I don’t usually do this but that only works so many times.”

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