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New Music Monday: 8/28/23

Road Trip by West 22nd

Of course, this was done intentionally, but I can’t get over how perfect this song is for a long road trip with your best friends. Everything from the vocals to the instrumentals encapsulates the feeling of being young and exploring what’s out there. A steady guitar riff starts the song off with the lead vocals raspy voice making the song as great as it is. With inspiration from The Backseat Lovers, this track takes its route down the indie road with descriptive imagery in the songwriting. A song you know will be fun to hear live with “Oooo’s” and “Da da da’s” throughout for the audience to sing. Then, there’s an exciting build-up of drums and strong drums finishing the song off strong!

Paradise Calling by Birdy

Birdy’s expertise in expressing her inner emotions through her voice and songwriting has always been something that blows me away. Straying away from her usual singer-songwriter sound, Birdy’s new album feels like an ascension to someplace far away. “Paradise Calling” is a danceable track with catchy lyrics that almost mimics a pop song from the 80s playing during the climax of a movie. Mesmerizing synths, echoing vocals, and a punchy bass make it shine as an exciting opening song to the rest of the album, “You don’t know the ways of the heart / This could be the start”.

Moment of Your Life (feat. Coco Jones) by Brent Faiyaz

A smooth slow beat starts this song off with Faiyaz’s anticipated seductive vocals and a feature from the talented Coco Jones. The track itself is simple in its story of a mutual attraction between two lovers, however, the collaboration of the two singers’ voices makes it all the more special. “Moment of Your Life” is reminiscent of old R&B classics with the ad-libs being harmonized stacked vocals from Faiyaz throughout the song. The consistent back and forth between the two complete the sensual lyricism, “If you don’t mind, you should try to stay the night”.

Uneasy (feat. Lil Wayne) by Jon Batiste

Some call his sound “genre-bending” some say “unique” or “bold” and while all those are true, it is difficult to describe Batiste’s idiosyncrasies in creating music. “Uneasy” has a production that will take your breath away including a plethora of instrumentals used throughout. A haunting start to the track, the beat is strong and only continues with scream-like backing vocals. As Lil Wayne joins in the instrumentals transition into clean and bright piano keys that sound like they are trying to catch up to his flow. The track lasts just over five minutes but it truly is an experience worth listening to as the remaining minute and some seconds are of a sick electric guitar and the continuing piano solo.

Pretty Girls by Reneé Rapp

The highly anticipated album, Snow Angel by Reneé Rapp has been a big talk since its release, and there’s good reason for it. This song is catchy and shiny with her songwriting skills and has a fun synth-pop chorus. In an interview, she explains how “Pretty Girls” is a perspective many, or most, gay girls experience. Her high-pitched/whisper-like singing during the chorus creates a unique sound to a not-so-unique situation of being an experiment for straight girls, “I like a straight jacket / But it feels like it’s a little tight”.

Blood Moon (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) by Mike WiLL Made-It

With an evocative beat, persistent lyrics, eerie vocals, and peculiar adlibs, Uzi and Mike WiLL Made-It teamed up to release a haunting song co-produced by J. Cole. The track itself has mixed reviews based on the repetitiveness of the lyrics, but when did we get so picky about how many times a line was repeated in a song? The track has an addictive beat, head-nod worthy, and anything with Uzi’s iconic flow included is a win for me. Within the frequent phrases, the lyricism is clever and witty, “I’m a star at the top of the tree // Speakin’ on trees, can’t fall, no leaves”

IYKYK by New West

A track that feels like a fairytale land is awaiting my arrival somewhere. New West has a songwriting ability that creates a feeling of yearning and love combined with soothing vocals. It begins with quick guitar strums and slight keys in the back, creating a melody that feels tranquil and beautiful. The lyricism is written from the point of view of being lovesick, it’s tender, sweet, and vulnerable, “If you know, then you know I’m with you / Does the look in my eyes say, “I’m with you?” Altogether a gorgeous love song that makes you feel more than words ever could.

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